September 29, 2022

Circle Economy hosts a World Circular Economic Forum Side Event

Achieving social justice in a global circular economy

We need to start thinking beyond borders to achieve a sustainable, circular economy that matches environmental goals with social ambitions.

Today's understanding of the circular economy fails to address issues of global social equity and threatens to exacerbate the divide between high- and lower-income countries, making it clear that a global circular economy will not be socially just by default. To ensure workers aren’t left behind, labour rights are uplifted and social benefits are maximised for all, we need to be proactive. 

In this World Circular Economy Forum side event, Circle Economy will explore how governments, multilateral organisations and civil society, together, can embed social justice in the transition to a global circular economy. 

With speakers from the International Labour Organization, Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), the Or Foundation and more, we will discuss ​​the role of three key levers in designing circular economy interventions that are fair and just for all—considering people beyond your own borders, sharing means and knowledge and trading responsibly—and will explore what else is needed to tackle the global inequalities that environmental policies can worsen.

Reserve your online spot on this Eventbrite page.

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