September 7, 2021

Nordic Circular Hotspot and Circle Economy partner up to accelerate the circular transition in the Nordics

We are thrilled to announce that Circle Economy has entered into a new partnership with the Nordic Circular Hotspot, the leading platform for the circular economy in the region. 


Together, we intend to accelerate the circular transition in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands through knowledge sharing, networking and collaborative projects. By uniting our strengths, networks, experience and expertise, we aim to leverage our joint abilities to set a powerful course for the circular future of the Nordics. 


“Since collaboration is key to circularity and today’s value chains swiftly need to change from linear to circular, it is crucial to join forces with like- and heart-minded organisations such as Circle Economy. Some of our ten Managing Partners already have had several years of experience working with Circle Economy by co-creating general awareness in the Nordics and growing the circular movement together. Working with nature as our inspiration, we very much look forward to our partnership and to accelerating the transition to a circular economy in the Nordics, hand in hand." - Einar K. Holthe, Managing Partner, Nordic Circular Hotspot and Market Strategist, Natural State


"Due to their innovation drive and strong sustainability movement, the Nordics are in a great position to become a global leader in the circular economy. But the region is in the midst of a major transition and still has a long way to go. By partnering up with the Nordic Circular Hotspot, we are co-creating opportunities to provide Nordic states, cities, regions and businesses with the fuel needed to accelerate their circular transition." - Vojtech Vosecky, Circle Economy Associate

Our partnership is part of the Nordic Circular Hotspot’s ten-year Partnership Programme, which has been designed to accelerate a strategic, systematic and efficient circular market transition and sustainable development in the Nordic region.


For further information on this partnership or our activities in the Nordics, feel free to reach out to Vojtech through our contact form.


About the Nordic Circular Hotspot

The Nordic Circular Hotspot is a collaboration platform and ten-year circular market transition programme run by a consortium of ten Managing Partners from five Nordic countries plus The Netherlands and co-financed by Nordic Innovation. On a mission to enable and accelerate the transition to an inclusive, regenerative and circular market in the Nordics, the Nordic Circular Hotspot operates as an active enabler, well-connected facilitator and strategic collaborator in the region. Its secretariat is located in Oslo.


About Circle Economy

Circle Economy is an impact organisation, founded to create prosperity for all within the limits of our planet. We combine data, tools and digital knowledge for the greater good. With nature as our mentor, we support businesses, cities and nations to accelerate circularity with practical roadmaps for change. We are an international team of passionate experts, based in Amsterdam.

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