November 15, 2017

New report: Policy levers for a low-carbon circular economy

November 15, 2017 - Circle Economy is delighted to announce the publication of its latest policy report, "Policy levers for a low-carbon circular economy". The report was officially announced at the UNFCCC’s panel on the circular economy’s potential to contribute to climate action in developing countries today, and provides concrete policy recommendations to catalyse the transition and tap into the circular economy’s potential.Climate change mitigation and circular economy policies are attracting significant attention from European and national policymakers. 2015 saw two milestone accomplishments with the Paris Agreement and Circular Economy Package. These two policy fields are complementary and, together, they could deliver on the transformational change that is needed to decarbonise our economic system. Yet, their integration is far from complete, and current climate change policies largely overlook the mitigation potential of circular economy strategies.The report explores policy levers to accelerate the transition to the circular economy, and provides policy recommendations to create a tipping point whereby a transition to a low-carbon circular economy is not just necessary but also inevitable."The need for systems change will come sooner than we think. Policy makers need to engage now to transition to a low-carbon circular economy." - Matthieu Bardout, Finance programme manager & consulting lead at Circle Economy.The report is based on legal policy mapping and stakeholder consultation, providing a broad European perspective combined with insights into a selection of member states, and focusing on two value chains (housing and mobility) and four material streams (aluminium, concrete, plastic and steel). It forms part of a broader project led by the European Climate Foundation's (ECF) Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness initiative (i24c).

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