February 19, 2019

Limburg Energy Fund joins Circle Economy

The Limburg Energy Fund (“LEF”), a regional investment fund established by the Province of Limburg, is the first of its kind to join Circle Economy's membership community.

LEF has a mandate to support sustainability in or for Limburg. The fund has received €90 mln from the Province of Limburg and the European Investment Bank. It provides subordinated and senior debt, and equity financing, to projects that contribute to CO2 reduction, renewable energy, energy efficiency, resource efficiency, waste or asbestos reduction.

"We are very proud and happy to welcome LEF as our latest member. They lead by example, currently financing various circular projects. Their ambition, specific circular focus and experience will be of great value for the work we do within Circle Economy"

- Fieke de Haan, Lead Circle Finance Programme

With this mandate, LEF is the first regional investment fund with a specific circular focus, stimulating retention of value from residues of biological, technical and energy cycles and improving the efficient use or re-use of resources.

“The Limburg Energy Fund pledges to contribute to further growth of the circular economy. LEF has financed more than €20 mln in circular projects, mobilizing more than €100 mln in private sector funding. By joining other members of the Circle Economy community, we will share knowledge and hope to step up our financing of circular projects”

-- Philip Tan, Director Limburg Energy Fund

Four examples of circular projects financed by the Limburg Energy Fund

  • Dutch Green Carbon is the 1st circular carbon black production facility, developed by Black Bear Carbon and Kargo Group, blackbearcarbon.com
  • Quality Circular Polymers processes used plastics into virgin quality polymers used for the production of new plastic materials, www.qcpolymers.com
  • Weelec is a company that disassembles electronic waste to mono streams and raw materials that are (re)usable in normal production processes. www.weelec.nl
  • N+P Group retains value from non-recyclable waste streams. The waste is sold as mono stream or processed into raw materials and fuels, for example pellets that replace coal or lignite, www.np-recycling.nl/en
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