March 11, 2020

Launch of the Circular Jobs Initiative

Circular Economy presents opportunity to redefine labour market

Businesses and Governments need to ensure jobs and skills are supported if the world is to realise ambitions for a circular economy. This is according to a new positioning paper, Jobs & Skills in the Circular Economy, State of Play and Future Pathways. The report marks the launch of the Circular Jobs Initiative, from Circle Economy. 

Jobs & Skills in the circular economy - report

If managed well, the transition to the circular economy will have multiple benefits for the labour market: raising the number of jobs, as well as job standards globally. However, there is a risk that it could also lead to skill gaps if businesses and governments are unprepared. Further, global sustainability targets could be entirely missed unless more attention is paid to supporting the labour power that will deliver on these ambitions.

The report sets out the current status of jobs and skills in the circular economy. It explores the  opportunities for the labour market and the challenges that need to be overcome. It also lays out how the Circular Jobs Initiative will play a role in helping to achieve this change. It aims to mobilise stakeholders from industry, policy and civil society and encourages collaboration in overcoming the challenges presented by climate change and our current economic system.

“As we reimagine how we use and value resources in a circular economy, we have the valuable opportunity to also redefine work. The labour market needs to be inclusive, offer quality jobs and train the workforce in the skills necessary for the systems shift. The Circular Jobs Initiative aims to ensure we create a labour market that allows both workers and the planet to thrive.” - Joke Dufourmont, Lead of the Circular Jobs Initiative

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The launch of the Circular Jobs Initiative is being marked by events in Amsterdam (11 March), New York City (20 March) and Brussels (tba). Register to join or sign up to our newsletter below to stay in the loop on the Circular Jobs Initiative.

Amsterdam - 11 March 2020

Explore how labour issues play a central role in the circular economy transition and meet key actors in this field.

New York City - 20 March

Our current ways of learning are trapping us in the linear economy. Explore how can we skill our global workforce for the circular economy.


Decent jobs are the cornerstone of a thriving society. Explore how we can protect both workers and the planet with the circular economy. 

Coming soon

The current situation regarding COVID-19 is continuously evolving and the outcomes are unclear. Keep an eye on this space for updates on how to participate. 'Quality of Work in the Circular Economy' is postponed until further notice. Keep an eye on this space for updates.

This project was made possible thanks to the support of the Goldschmeding Foundation.


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