October 21, 2020

Knowledge Hub v3 launching soon

The new version of Circle Economy's Knowledge Hub will enable users to contribute, update and curate cases in the database, as well as create and grow dedicated 'collections' of cases

For those of you who have been following Circle Economy for a few years now, you might remember the very first version of the Knowledge Hub – our online, open-access library of circular case studies.

In its very first version, the Knowledge Hub was a simple wiki-style tool powered by Atlassian Confluence that we used in our own work to keep track of interesting cases to feature in workshops, presentations and reports.

In 2018, we launched the Knowledge Hub in its current version, as part of a broader digital ecosystem: Circle Lab.

In the next few months, we are thrilled to be launching V3 of the Knowledge Hub, which will finally enable our online community–that’s you!–to make it truly their own by contributing, updating and curating cases in our ever-growing database. The new version will also enable users to create and grow dedicated collections and to share them with their audiences online.

Interested in getting beta access and providing feedback on the new version before we launch to the public?

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