October 9, 2017

How do YOU go #beyondblahblah?

[embed]http://vimeo.com/236947996[/embed]It’s not all blah blah in the circular fashion world. Initiatives and efforts to move beyond intent already exist - brands, recyclers, collectors, sorters, and consumers are all actively taking a role in closing the loop in fashion.


Whether you’re a brand sourcing recycled content, a charity collecting post consumer textiles, or a consumer who buys secondhand clothing, we want to hear from you!Use the hashtag #beyondblahblah on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and let the world know how you’re going beyond the blah blah and moving beyond intent to action. Be creative!We’ll be showcasing your solutions at Beyond Green, and the top 3 most innovative solutions will get a guaranteed spot at the event!**For Amsterdam residents only as we cannot cover transportation costs. Tag your post #ams so we know to take you into consideration!

What do we expect?

An answer to the question: how do YOU go beyond the blah blah in contributing to closing the loop in fashion? (on an individual level or at your company/brand's level!)

In what format?

Photos, videos, tweets, blogs- whatever medium works best for you!


Preferably before October 20 (when Beyond Green takes place), but we welcome submissions at any time!


We want to shine a light on those initiatives, technologies, and good consumption practices that are contributing to closing the loop, beyond our own circle, and we want YOU to be part of this growing community of trailblazers.

Who can join?

Everyone is welcome to participate!

  • Brands/companies/organisations working on closing the loop in fashion
  • Recyclers or other innovators working on making technology a driving force for circular fashion
  • Designers incorporating circular design principles into their work
  • Students exploring circularity in their course
  • Consumers promoting conscious consumption habits
  • etc.

So tell us...

How do YOU go #beyondblahblah?

[cta link="http://circle-economy.com/beyondgreen2017"]Learn more at Beyond Green 2017[/cta][hr]

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