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Published on: 
February 9, 2024

How Can Companies Benefit from High Value Material Reuse?

The creation of products and services requires the use of resources in the form of materials, energy, and labour. As a product is produced value is added as more materials, energy, and labour are utilised in the production process. Once the product reaches its end-of-use however, the value created during the production process is almost completely lost due to current waste management practices. Resources that could otherwise be recycled and reused are simply disposed of or incinerated. As a result, more raw materials are required in order to meet the ever growing product needs of consumers.

High value reuse within a circular economy restores products and preserves resources that have reached their end-of-use back to their original state to deliver the same or even improved functions. In this way, the value of products are preserved, reducing the level of risk and costs associated with raw material price volatility and scarcity.


The aim of high value reuse is to preserve the value of materials by:

  1. Maintaining and extending (i.e. Improving quality and cleaning methods)
  2. Redistributing - Provide the best possible recovery, reuse and resale of resources across sectors and regions
  3. Upcycling - Creating products of equal or higher value
  4. Downcycling - Creating new products that have a lower value
  5. Recycling - Disassembling and reusing material elements of a product

Special thanks to our panelists who provided great practical examples of how they have integrated high value reuse strategies to their business models!

  • DSM - Lucas Hoex - Manager Circular Economy
  • StoneCycling - Jasper Brommet - Chief Upcycling Officer
  • Dutch Spirit - Linda Docter - Business Development
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