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Published on: 
February 9, 2024

Circular Buildings Coalition to launch guiding documents and a call for applications in June

The Circular Buildings Coalition (CBC), which aims to accelerate the transition to a circular built environment, is proud to showcase the first outcomes of its collaborative work. On the 1st of June, during the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) in Helsinki, Finland, the CBC will launch the landmark report on the current state of the European built environment sector and a call for applications, with more materials coming out later in June. 

The Circular Buildings Coalition is hosting the WCEF Accelerator session ‘Accelerating the transition towards a circular built environment’, a hybrid event comprised of two sub-sessions. 

  1. The launch of the CBC report. After more than half a year of in-depth research and close discussions with stakeholders in the construction industry, the Coalition will present a diagnosis of the current challenges in transitioning to a circular built environment. In particular, the CBC will discuss how to create a market for secondary materials, direct financial flows to circular construction projects and emerging circular ownership business models that can accelerate the transition.
  2. Pathways for local and regional circular buildings. This sub-session will examine the role of cities in the transition to a circular built environment based on lessons from the ICLEI's City Loops project. This includes, for example, policy instruments to foster circularity in the construction sector and the replication of successful initiatives. 

During the Accelerator session, the CBC will officially announce its open call for Blueprint Projects—initiatives that can accelerate the circular transition. Selected projects will receive financial support and tailored mentorship to become showcase examples for market players and policymakers to learn from and reproduce. This would allow for large-scale implementation of circular economy principles in the built environment worldwide. Details on how to submit projects and the application process will be announced on the CBC’s webpage on the 1st of June and during the Information Day webinar on June 14th. The webinar will also provide potential applicants with an opportunity to have all of their questions answered. 

More information and registration options for the WCEF Accelerator session are available here:

‍On a final note,  some of the Coalition’s partners will attend the Urban Future conference being held on the 21st–23rd of June in Stuttgart. More details about our participation and live streaming will be announces soon.

The CBC is an initiative of seven thought leaders and frontrunners in the circular built environment: Metabolic, Circle Economy, the World Green Building Council (WGBC), the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Arup. The CBC intends to grow its reach by strengthening collaboration towards the transition,  supporting key initiatives and developing new partnerships. Organisations interested in joining the movement or showcasing their circular solutions are invited to get in touch:

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