July 15, 2020

Our impact report - 2019-2020

Learn more about our work the past 12 months

What could an inclusive and resilient 21st century look like, and what system can support this vision?

We believe the circular economy is part of the answer.

With the turn of the new year, 2020 launched the world into a chaos that had long been predicted, but hardly prepared for. But if we’ve learnt anything from 2020 so far, it’s to ‘never let a crisis go to waste’.

At Circle Economy, the past year has strengthened our resolve to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy and to ensure a socially just and ecologically safe space for all.

Impact report 2019-20

Circle Economy's impact report covers some of our work in the past 12 months, as well as our reflections on how circularity and resilience have become intimately linked in our activities and with the broader ecosystem of stakeholders we work with.

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