May 7, 2021

Circle Economy signs the European Commission Pact for Skills

We are thrilled to announce that Circle Economy has joined the Pact for Skills, a shared engagement model for skills development in Europe launched by the European Commission. 

By signing the Pact for Skills, Circle Economy commits to action on upskilling both our own people and through our work raising awareness of the skills people working in the circular economy need in Europe and beyond.

Why is skills development so important for a circular economy?

The circular transition hinges on workers and their skills. Upskilling and reskilling are urgently needed if we are to harness the full potential of the circular economy and ensure that no workers are left behind in the transition. Read this blog by Esther Goodwin Brown (Circular Jobs Initiative Lead at Circle Economy) from December 2020 to learn more.

Our latest report on skills explains the role of vocational and educational training (VET) in ensuring a skilled workforce can thrive in and scale up the circular economy. It provides recommendations for governments, educators, industry and civil society, illustrating how VET can help us build circular capacities, leverage existing skill sets and diversify. 

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