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Published on: 
February 9, 2024

Circle Economy launches dedicated consulting firm to better serve businesses

The brand-new consulting firm pools Circle Economy Foundation experts to empower businesses to go circular

Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 6, 2023—Circle Economy Foundation announces the launch of Circle Economy Consulting, a dedicated consulting firm designed to better serve the needs of businesses in implementing circular economy solutions. 

Circle Economy Consulting shares the goal and vision of its parent organisation: doubling global circularity by 2032. This means envisioning an economic system—the circular economy—that ensures the planet and all people can thrive. To do this, the consultancy provides services to accelerate the circular transition within businesses.

‘After putting the circular economy on the map as a concept to drive real change, we now need to achieve speed and scale with businesses implementing real solutions’, said Marc de Wit, CEO of Circle Economy Consulting. ‘This is an exciting next step both in the history of Circle Economy and for me personally. After more than ten years of building up Circle Economy and bringing expertise to companies, I see this as a natural evolution to bring greater benefits to businesses as they move toward circularity’.

As more and more businesses begin to factor sustainability issues into their choices, Circle Economy Consulting aims to help embed circular principles into corporate strategy and culture. It assesses the current state of circularity, co-develops a future vision and identifies circular solutions that are practical, contextual and actionable. 

‘The circular economy is becoming mainstream, and companies are now looking for circular solutions, measurement and implementation support’, says Martijn Lopes Cardozo, CEO of Circle Economy Foundation. ‘With Circle Economy Consulting, we offer dedicated support and expertise for businesses in their adoption of the circular economy’. 

Circle Economy Foundation will continue to drive the transition towards the circular economy with practical and scalable solutions.

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