April 24, 2023

Circle Economy is launching a podcast series, Talking Circular

Circle Economy has launched a podcast series, Talking Circular. In each episode, our experts will share inspirational stories and hands-on tips to drive circularity in countries, cities and businesses. 

The goal of the podcast is to evoke conversations about the circular economy and talk openly about challenges and opportunities in the circular transition. We will make sure each episode is supported by relevant resources and publications placed in the show notes. 

Currently, the podcast is hosted on Spotify and SoundCloud. More platforms will be added in the future. New episodes will come out on a monthly basis, so we recommend subscribing to the podcast to get notified about new episodes. 

In the first episode, our Editor, Ana Birliga Sutherland, speaks with Marvin Nusseck, who leads our finance team. They discuss:

  • What is circular finance? And examples of circular business models. 
  • Why do circular projects deserve more funding than they currently receive? 
  • What challenges do circular entrepreneurs face in the linear world?
  • Solutions to unlock investment in the circular economy. 

Listen and subscribe to the Talking Circular Podcast on Spotify

Or SoundCloud

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