December 16, 2022

Circle Economy and CircularIQ join forces to help businesses identify and implement circular solutions driven by data

Amsterdam, 16 December 2022

Circle Economy and Circular IQ are starting a new collaboration through which they will work together advising clients in identifying, evaluating and implementing circular solutions. Together, Circle Economy and CircularIQ will enable clients to follow a data-driven approach to gain business-critical intelligence in the performance of their global supply chains.  

Monitoring circularity metrics and data are becoming one of the key success factors for businesses to remain ahead of the game and soon they are required to comply with regulation. In joining forces to uncover data that today is often unavailable, incomplete and incomparable, Circular IQ and Circle Economy will empower clients to take charge of their circular performance and decide where their actions and investments are most impactful.

The collaboration will harness Circular IQ’s leading software solution, the data-driven CTI tool, along with Circle Economy’s track record deploying their Circle Scan to identify impact hotspots and key levers for circular change. The collaboration also builds on Circle Economy’s existing digital solutions such as the Circularity Assessment Tool and Circularity Academy. By going to market together, the organisations expect impact on this important space for companies that want to but don’t know how to start their circular journey and transform their operations according to circular principles. The joint approach helps companies set up the basics, prioritise actions, develop a plan and monitor progress on their circular performance. CircularIQ and Circle Economy will jointly offer clients new and unique engagement models that were not available before the partnership.

“Together with Circle Economy, Circular IQ’s customers will have access to best-in-class consulting support and analytics capabilities to align and scale follow-up actions towards meeting company targets”, said Roy Vercoulen, CEO of Circular IQ

“We are really excited to partner with Circular IQ as together we are able to offer an end-to-end solution allowing clients to monitor, steer and scale their circular activities” said Marc de Wit, Director of Businesses at Circle Economy

About Circular IQ

Circular IQ is a software startup that delivers best in class SaaS solutions for businesses across the globe that seek to deliver on their sustainability promises. Our vision is that for the circular economy to thrive, data-driven solutions that move the needle are needed immediately. Not just any solutions; but solutions aimed at improving your business impacts. Software has an important role to play as actions require decisions. More impactful decisions are made when the information that fuels them improves. Currently 91% of the materials mined are wasted after being used once. Our software enables businesses to take effective action to improve their impacts in the area of resource depletion, global warming and waste generation by showing them how their use of materials is linked to these impacts. 

About Circle Economy

Circle Economy is a global impact organisation with an international team of passionate experts based in Amsterdam. We empower businesses, cities and nations with practical and scalable solutions to put the circular economy into action. Our vision is an economic system that ensures the planet and all people can thrive. To avoid climate breakdown, our goal is to double global circularity by 2032. Circle Economy’s business practice provides consulting services, supporting forward-thinking leaders and businesses in identifying, evaluating and implementing circular solutions. We apply a differentiated and unique data-driven and fact based supply chain approach, applying established methodologies of both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Find out more at

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