December 16, 2020

Circle Economy and Circular Norway complete phases 3 & 4 of the Circle Region Scan for Kongsvinger

With a focus on the built environment value chain, the Kongsvinger region is well set to kick-start its circular transition.

Circle Economy is delighted to announce the completion of the Circle Region Scan process in Kongsvinger, where we worked together with our partner Circular Norway to identify key opportunities for circularity in the Kongsvinger region. 

The scan focused on the built environment value chain and, thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of local public and private stakeholders, we were able to successfully set up exciting pilot projects.

Some key learnings:

  1. Circular procurement is a key driver to foster circularity but needs cross-departmental involvement and collaboration within the local administration
  2. Design and digital technologies play a crucial role in capturing the value of the materials locked in existing stock
  3. Public-private partnerships are a key enabler to unlock innovation and circular solutions.
  4. The new business models that arise from increasing the use of secondary materials and optimising resource management in the building stock will create crucial, new circular jobs.

Find out more about the pilots, our learnings and the process we followed in the Phase 3 & 4 report below.

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