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March 12, 2024

Circle Economy acquires Sustainability Games to deliver knowledge distribution at scale

Levering gamified e-learning to accelerate the adoption of circular economy solutions

Circle Economy Foundation, an impact organisation based in the Netherlands, acquired Sustainability Games. This gamified e-learning platform addresses the green skills gap: the need for more professionals to fulfil the rapidly growing demand for circular jobs. 

The Sustainability Games platform, combined with Circle Economy’s 12+ years of research and development of circular solutions, delivers a highly flexible and scalable solution to supply knowledge to any changemaker. The platform provides a continuous learning experience composed of tracks and minigames—fun and easy yet in-depth. It can assess an organisation or a team and track their progress, raise awareness about the circular economy, help shape collective understanding, and develop and certify teams’ skills. These modular elements can be used separately or all at once, depending on the needs of an organisation.

Circle economy

‘Digital innovation is a strategic pillar for Circle Economy to scale and accelerate our mission: to double global circularity by 2032. The acquisition of Sustainability Games unlocks the potential to deliver our research and data insights as educational content to change-makers worldwide. We wholeheartedly welcome Thijs and his team to Circle Economy and look forward to continuing this journey together.’ says Ivonne Bojoh, COO & Director Digital at Circle Economy.

Our circular economy experts co-create learning tracks with clients to fine-tune game experiences according to the industry and team specifics. The result is simultaneous education and engagement for hundreds of people—helping close the green skills gap at scale. 

The platform can be compared to a restaurant menu with lessons, minigames and tests for dishes. This allows one to pick and choose tracks and journeys for specific purposes: from a fun activity at an event to a fully-fledged training programme for employees. Learning journeys typically consist of reading materials, videos, questionnaires and minigames, individually- and team-played. The learning tracks are well-suited for entities that are just embarking on their sustainability journey and want to make sure that all people involved are on the same page and equipped with basic knowledge.

I’m really happy that we are now part of a much larger impact-driven organisation with a flagship product like the Circularity Gap Report, many sustainability experts' content and a strong digital mindset. Circle Economy and Sustainability Games were already in strategic partnership and launched the Circularity Games at Web Summit Lisbon last year. This is simply the next step towards greater impact.’ says Thijs Struijk-Kafchi, Founder at Sustainability Games.

Circle Economy believes that businesses worldwide, as well as local and national governments, must join hands to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and avoid climate breakdown. Closing the Circularity Gap starts with bridging the knowledge gap. With this acquisition, Circle Economy can now deliver knowledge at scale, encouraging not just education but also the adoption of circular narratives. Our objective is to educate 100 million people over the next eight years, empowering businesses, cities and nations to go circular. 

Learn more about Circularity Games at

Learn more about Sustainability Games at

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