Our Mission

Our mission is to realign the current financial system with the real economy by identifying financial barriers to circular business practices and developing solutions to overcome them.


Over the last few decades, the financial economy has taken on a life of its own. Money has become disconnected to the real world and this realisation has been manifested through an accumulation of capital, rapid growth of inequality, leakage of money into the virtual economy, and reliance on international markets. Contradicting core elements of the circular economy, our current financial cycles need to be restored. Having the ability to alter human behaviour, and human activity, money and the way we manage it can be a major catalyst in the transition towards a circular society.

The Circle Finance Programme consists of three pillars: case studies, financial core business, and circular money innovation. In our case study approach, we engage with innovative circular businesses to identify financial barriers. Together with value chain partners and financial institutions – ranging from crowd funding and private equity funds to banks and institutional investors – we design sustainable long-term financing solutions to overcome the barriers identified.

In our financial core business approach, we engage with the people behind financial institutions – risk managers, credit committees, and investors – to thoroughly understand how choices are made regarding circular investment and credit decisions. Additionally, to optimally facilitate a circular economy we also work with financial technology innovators to work on more fundamental improvements to the financial system, such as circular money systems.

We combine the insights from our case studies with the findings of our financial core business approach and circular monetary system solutions to propose adjustments or specific financial solutions that are needed to finance circular businesses.


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