our circular ecosystem


Our member community is an active group of businesses and institutions that have a shared ambition to make the circular economy a reality. 

They are innovators who understand the benefits of a circular economy and aim to develop practical and scalable solutions to bring the concept to fruition. As a member you will gain access to a powerful global network of change-makers, thought leaders and peers that share this common goal.
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Knowledge Partners

Together with our knowledge partners, we collaborate on creating, pooling, and making available the knowledge that will benefit our common goal: implementing the circular economy. From academic institutions to individual experts, thought-leaders around the globe are supporting our work with invaluable input and perspectives.

Mission Partners

Circular economy platforms are multiplying around the world, strengthening the ecosystem for the circular economy every day. From train-the-trainer programmes to more extensive collaborations, we aim to put our years of experience in the field to the service of this community, and to connect, empower and celebrate other circular advocates. 

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MEDIA Partners

We partner with global and industry media outlets and publications to disseminate the knowledge we have gained and to reach different audiences. From providing content to your publication and amplifying each other’s stories to collaborating on original content, we are open to partnerships with small and larger media alike. 


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