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As of 22 June, Fiona van ‘t Hullenaar joined Circle Economy’s Cooperative Board. She brings with her over 20 years of corporate experience, an extensive network, and leadership experience and will work alongside our current board members, Robert-Jan van Ogtrop, Herman Wijffels, Dr. Louise Vet, and Martijn Lopes Cardozo.

The expansion of Circle Economy’s Cooperative Board represents the maturing of Circle Economy as an organisation. Having now been in existence for 5 years, the Circle Economy team recognised the need for new expertise, experience, and outlook on the Board as a way to achieve the organisation’s ambitious goals. The member companies of the Circle Economy cooperative agree and recently voted to confirm Fiona’s appointment during the most recent annual meeting, held on 22 June.

We are very happy to welcome Fiona to the Cooperative Board. She is a dedicated professional and a true ambassador advocating the circular agenda. Her latest project at a.s.r. shows her capacity to make circular ambitions a reality.”

– Robert-Jan van Ogtrop, Executive Chairman of Circle Economy’s Board

About Fiona van ‘t Hullenaar

For the last six and a half years Fiona has been the Director of Business Support at a.s.r. Insurance during which, she was responsible for Sustainability, Facility Management, Operations and the Sustainable Renovation of the company’s 86.000m2 head office. Fiona was awarded the Bouwpluim 2015, the Nederlandse Bouwprijs 2017, and was nominated for the Duurzame 50 2017 for her work in the field of sustainable building. She also holds several advisory positions, including one on the International Advisory Board of Utrecht University on the subject of sustainability. Fiona’s extensive experience in corporate environments gives way to her strong focus on corporate responsibility and circularity.

She has an MSc degree in geology and geophysics from Utrecht University and furthered her education at the London Business School. Recently Fiona received her certification as an Executive Coach, which she is now using to help business executives tap into their intrinsic motivations and develop themselves to their full potential.

“I strongly believe that there is simply no excuse to wait for holistic, integral solutions. There is simply no excuse anymore for focusing on the “Cannot” or “But what if”. The way forward is for each and every person to focus on the possibilities and opportunities that the circular economy provides, and apply that to their own circle of impact and influence. As a Circle Economy board member I am eager to contribute my enormous enthusiasm to the organisation and to inspire other companies to see the possibilities and concretely build on their efforts to achieve a more sustainable future.”

– Fiona van ‘t Hullenaar, Member of Circle Economy’s Board

Future perspective

Alongside Robert-Jan van Ogtrop (chair), Herman Wijffels, Louise Vet, and Martijn Lopes Cardozo, Fiona van ‘t Hullenaar will focus her work on expanding Circle Economy’s network and supporting the organisation as it further develops new programs and digitises its tools.

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