Circle Economy Launches Circle Built Environment Programme

September 28, 2017

Circle Economy is excited to announce the launch of its Built Environment programme.

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September 28, 2017 –  Circle Economy is excited to announce the launch of its Built Environment programme.

On September 27, Circle Economy hosted a Deep Dive into the built environment, where key industry players in the Netherlands – including Wim Beelen, Renewi, Architecten Cie, and BeingDevelopment – explored the solutions and action plans that the sector can already start working on to move towards circularity. Insights throughout the session were shared on Twitter and will be published in a recap shortly.  

The built environment  sector is one of the largest consumers of raw materials in the world, accounting for almost 50% of total resource use, 40% of CO2 emissions, and 30% of all water use in the Netherlands, for example. As of now, a staggering 41 billion tonnes of raw materials is extracted every year to serve the global construction sector, and this number is only bound to increase in coming years.

As (mega)cities in countries like China and India continue to rise, and with 75% of the world’s population expected to live in urban areas by 2050, sustaining our housing and infrastructural needs will demand massive amounts of building materials.

No supply will match this growing demand, however, unless we deconstruct and reimagine the terms and conditions of our built environment.

Building on the experience Circle Economy has gained in the textiles industry, financing circular business models, and implementing circularity across cities, the Built Environment programme will now translate the bold vision that Circle Economy has been developing alongside its partners over the last few years into even bolder solutions and implementation plans.

“Circular construction is beyond the start-up phase. Companies and cities now need  practical and scalable solutions to reshape and create a future proof built environment.” — Harald Friedl, CEO at Circle Economy

The new programme will focus on two key strategies:

  1. Preventing lock-in through thoughtful design
  2. Optimising (material value) through transformative re-design

Circle Economy and ABN AMRO recently published the report “A Future Proof Built Environment”, where they explored how circularity in the construction industry is beginning to take shape, identified examples of how circular business models are being applied to the industry, and highlighted circularity’s potential to future-proof the built environment. You can download the report here.

Learn more about the Built Environment programme and get in touch here.

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