‘Amsterdam Circular: evaluation and action perspectives’

Evaluating 70+ projects that accelerate Amsterdam’s circular economy.

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AMSTERDAM, 18 October 2018 – Today the City of Amsterdam, Copper8 and Circle Economy launch ‘Amsterdam Circular: evaluation and action perspectives’ a comprehensive consolidation of insights from the practical implementation of 70+ circular projects in the circular City of Amsterdam and is validated by 100+ local businesses.

We are facilitating and supporting people who actually want to do business in a circular economy, who want to reuse things, who want to have a minimal footprint. We have started 70 projects, from which we learn. Learn both from the mistakes we make but also from the successes we have, to make sure that these projects are examples, and they can inspire others to do the same.” Marieke van Doorninck Deputy Mayor Sustainability of Amsterdam.

– Marieke van Doorninck, Deputy Mayor Sustainability of Amsterdam


Evaluation of 100+ businesses in 73 circular projects over 5 value chains.

The Amsterdam Circular: evaluation and action perspectives is the outcome of an extensive and collaborative project carried out by Circle Economy and Copper8 in 2018. The study, commissioned by the City of Amsterdam and the first of its kind in the world, conducted a thorough evaluation of the 73 completed circular projects in the city through participatory workshops and interviews with the 100+ companies involved.

The report not only provides a thorough evaluation of eight key municipal instruments, but also analyses the progress of the circular economy in five value chains of the national Transition Agenda, including construction, consumer goods, and biomass. From these detailed insights, five key actions perspectives were created to continue the city’s momentum towards becoming a fully circular city.

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The Circular Journey of Amsterdam


The launch of the two reports, Amsterdam Circular: evaluation and actions perspectives, and the Amsterdam Evaluation Digest marks the second chapter in a three-part series that aims to break down three of the key questions that cities face when transitioning towards a circular economy. Each entry in the ‘Circular Journey of Amsterdam’ series sees the launch of, partner, Circle Economy’s latest report and insights from the City of Amsterdam and will tackle three key questions;

  1. How to kick-start a city’s circular journey?
  2. Which policy instruments can effectively engage businesses?
  3. What will a circular economy mean for jobs and skills?


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