Netherlands Circular Hotspot [Archive]

Igniting a movement to transition towards a circular economy and setting an example on a global scale, the Netherlands has become a “living lab” and aspires to become the world’s first circular hotspot.

The Netherlands Circular Hotspot (NLCH) campaign highlights the Netherlands as a frontrunner for circular economy initiatives and innovation. As the founding partner, Circle Economy works alongside Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme, a member of the Dutch royal family, to bring together a diverse group of decision makers and visionaries to inspire governments and international businesses to take action.

Currently holding the European Union’s presidency position, the Dutch, together with a strong coalition of businesses, scientists and civil servants, are leading the way to put the Netherlands on the map as a hotspot for circular innovation.

The core of the campaign revolves around the creation of a shared vision which was launched at the national innovation exhibition on April 14th 2016. Additionally, the circular expo provides a stage for scalable circular projects and trade and press campaigns highlight these forward thinking, circular initiatives within the campaign.

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