Nederland Circulair! [Archive]


Nederland Circulair! aims at positioning The Netherlands as a frontrunner in the transition towards a circular economy.

By offering a networking platform and various practical activities that move companies forward, Nederland Circulair! stimulates people and organisations to take action towards circular entrepreneurship and to produce, consume, finance and organise more innovatively.

Circle Economy is a proud partner of Nederland Circulair!, providing resources, research, and educational programs for three of Nederland Circulair!’s four programs: Design, Finance and Value Chains.


With an ambition of inspiring all Dutch manufacturing companies to consider the design principles for a circular economy by 2020, Nederland Circulair! focuses on engaging businesses, designers, consultants, and students active in the Dutch manufacturing industry.

Activities within this program include, Circular Business Design Workshops that allow for businesses to explore new, circular propositions, Circular Design Classes organised to inspire designers, to become change agents in their fields, Academic Courses in circular design at local universities, and a Train-the-Trainer Programme which focuses on training ‘circular change agents’ to expand the reach of the CIRCO program.

Circle Economy has played a key role in developing the CIRCO program, using insights from our Circle Scan and Knowledge Tools. As an important implementation and upscaling partner we also facilitate further development of the tools used throughout the program.

To learn more about the CIRCO program and Circle Economy’s collaboration with Nederland Circulair!


The objective of the start-up program is to stimulate entrepreneurship and support start-ups in establishing circular businesses.

Activities within this program include, Circular Challenges, engaging the next generation to solve real-life, circular, business challenges faced by local businesses and governments, the “Get Started Circular” Program in which start-ups with a circular business idea will be supported throughout the business development process, and CE Booster, aiding already established start-ups in scaling up their circular business models.

To learn more about the work Nederland Circulair! is doing with startups here.


To gain insight into the effects and potential contributions circular business models will have on the financial sector, Circle Economy and Sustainable Finance Lab are collaborating on developing cases studies to analyse the effects of circularity on the balance sheet, in cash flow projections, and in other financial requirements.

The anticipated results of the studies are ready-made finance structures that can be used by circular entrepreneurs, to formulate solutions to financial barriers such as crowdfunding platforms, and as a common language between financial institutions and circular entrepreneurs.


Focused on giving value chains a boost in realising circular principles, four chains have been targeted due to their potential to greatly impact the Netherlands: waste in healthcare, climate systems, underground infrastructure, along with high value reuse for public benches and laptops.

Circle Economy has worked alongside Nederland Circulair! to analyse each of these chains using our Circle Scan process. This process has helped to identify opportunities for circularity and to provide analytical support for each of the pilot projects including, detailed technical and feasibility analysis. Stakeholders throughout these chains are supported in developing a circular-focused future vision so that they can take advantage of the opportunities identified.

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