Cotton recycling pilot [Archive]

It’s time for textiles and fashion to address our challenges head on and achieve real, tangible solutions for a circular future.

Because no single company can move the entire industry alone, Circle Economy and Recover have designed a cotton recycling pilot to help leading brands and retailers achieve their near-term commitments and address key barriers to recycling post consumer textiles at scale.

Project Goals

This project is specifically designed to create products that meet performance expectations, increase supply chain experience with mechanically recycled cotton, define cost drivers and reduction strategies for recycling post-consumer textiles and address potential chemical safety issues in the end product.

Project Roles

  • Two core brand and retailer participants will define product categories and performance requirements, receive an exclusive first batch of yarn, have the option to buy more and get help implementing them into the supply chain.
  • Additional supporting brands and retailers can claim a seat at the table to define a product category and performance requirements, receive a share of the first batch of yarn, have the option to buy more and get help implementing them into the supply chain. Positions are available for SMEs, large companies, and MNCs.
  • Associate brands will participate in discussions and have the option to buy yarns. This is available only for MNCs.
  • Knowledge and resource partners will be brought on board to ensure we are working in-step with other projects and industry practices.
  • Five supply chain partners are textile manufacturers and vertically integrated suppliers who will gain exposure through group participation, experience with recycled yarns and recognition for leading circularity within the supply chain.

Participation Costs

Participation for brands, retailers and suppliers is fee-based. Knowledge and resource partners provide expertise, materials and other resources to the project in-kind. More details on project participant roles and buy-in options are available through the link below.

Key Benefits

One of the key benefits of this work is open access to project findings. Regular updates, industry reference documents and the final report will be publicly available to ensure participation and investment in this work raise the bar for the future. Reference documents will detail input materials specifications, performance and chemical testing outcomes and other relevant details.

This is a powerful opportunity to take recycled cotton to the next level. Join us to get recycled post-consumer products in-hand and be recognised for taking the industry a big step forward.