More than 91% of what we take from the earth is wasted.

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A safe and just world
for all is our goal.

The circular economy is the means.

We empower businesses, cities and nations to put the circular economy into action.

Our offerings

How can we help solve your circular challenge?


We help businesses understand their current state of circularity, analyse and act upon opportunities and risks, and develop a vision to become circular champions in their fields.
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We guide cities on their journey from a linear to circular economy, using data to inform multi-stakeholder decision making to accelerate the transition.
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We provide nations with insight into the best interventions to boost circularity on a national level and the tools to monitor progress.
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OUR flagship products

Learn about the circular state of the globe with our flagship products

Circularity Gap Report

Discover our Circularity Gap Reports and learn how circular our global economy currently is.
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The Knowledge Hub

Explore and contribute to the world's most extensive and curated library of circular economy case studies.
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Our expertise can be applied to any sector, industry, or geography. But we do have specific focus areas:


Towards a zero waste Industry. Preventing and reducing the textiles waste mountain. A circular textiles business is the step forward.


Finding and fixing financial, accounting, legal, and operational barriers in the journey of implementing circular businesses.

Built Environment

Changing the foundations of the world's biggest consumer of resources: the built environment.

Capital Equipment

Closing the loop within the capital equipment industry to preserved and recovered value for products.

Circular Jobs

Ensuring a just transition for work and workers by defining circular jobs and maximising their societal benefits within.

Measuring Circularity

Providing the guidance needed to select the most suitable metric to measure and fast-track circularity.


Accelerating the transition to the circular economy by providing businesses, cities, and nations the correct data in a suitable format.

Design for Circularity

Applying Circular Design Thinking to your product, business model, service, or brand.


Using digital tools and solutions to accelerate and scale the circular economy.

Our impact at-a-glance

kickstarted their circular transition thanks to the Circle Scan for Cities
built to support businesses and nations on their journey
through our Business Scan
on the Knowledge Hub; the world’s largest open source online collection
in our network, and thousands more in our orbit
in circular economy principles
trained in circular economy principles since 2011

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Their support helps turn our vision into impact


Our global ecosystem of cities, businesses, nations and like-minded organisations

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