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A Circular economy makes good business sense

We work with businesses to embed circular principles at the core of their organisation: both in the strategy and in the mindset and behaviours of employees. From start-ups to multinationals, we help our partners understand their current state of circularity, develop a vision of the future circular state, and analyse and act upon opportunities and risks to become circular champions within their fields.

Circularity is not just common sense from a sustainability perspective—it also makes good business sense. Many businesses have already recognised that the circular economy brings them a competitive advantage by leading the innovation curve, opening up new markets, improving customer relations and increasing brand value. A circular economy also helps tackle inevitable linear risks, from price volatility and pressure from new legislation to supply chain failures.

If you have embraced the idea of a circular economy for your business, yet are figuring out where and how to start, you have come to the right place. This is how we can help you to turn your circular ambitions into reality.

Strategies to capture the benefits of the circular economy

Our Circle Scan approach helps businesses align sustainability targets with the commercial targets. Our data-driven approach allows you to firmly and convincingly pinpoint the opportunities for improving product design, service design and business model innovation. The result is a clear circular roadmap to convince stakeholders that the circular economy should be at the core of the business.

Metrics to guide innovation

Metrics are key to ensure the circular economy delivers on its promise of marrying sustainability and profitability. However, selecting the right KPIs for your business can be a daunting task. We help businesses navigate the increasingly complex landscape of circularity metrics, allowing them to track progress on circularity where it matters most.

Insights to improve the business case

Realising the substantial commercial potential of the circular economy  with current business models, while lacking  internal resources and investments can be hard. We help to develop the business case and improve the financeability of circular business opportunities by identifying financial, legal and operational obstacles and designing solutions to overcome them.

Tools to Convince core stakeholders

Almost by definition, the circular economy requires extensive collaboration among your internal and external stakeholders. We provide engagement and communication tools to successfully involve internal and external stakeholders in reaching your circular goals. From intuitive infographics, online media and tools, high quality communication of project results, or through webinars and workshops, we know how to convince your board members, colleagues, investors and customers of the value of your circular economy strategy.

focus areas

Working with our clients and partners, we have built in-depth knowledge and expertise in various areas that are crucial to the transition towards a circular economy. We have dedicated programmes and services on finance, metrics, data, textiles, built environment, capital equipment, and the labour market. Explore them here:

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Past projects

Circular Strategy Development

ROCKWOOL partnered with Circle Economy to analyse gaps in the value chain and to identify more opportunities for circular economy thinking. Thanks to this partnership, ROCKWOOL has identified ways to strengthen its business model.
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Circular Metrics for Business

To help businesses navigate the complex  landscape of circularity metrics and find the right circular opportunities, we have published Circular Metrics For Business to provide an overview of several powerful metrics for the circular economy.
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Innovating your service offering

PaaS models are, sometimes falsely, perceived as risky by financiers. To close the knowledge gap between circular entrepreneurs and financiers, Circle Economy has developed the PaaS  Question Kit: A comprehensive guide to PaaS business models.
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