We work with businesses to embed circularity at the core of their strategy.
From start-ups to multinationals, we help our partners understand their current 'state of circularity', analyse and act upon opportunities and risks, and develop a vision to become circular champions within their fields.

Strategy development

We conduct circularity assessments of your sector, department, value chain, or product and recommend circular strategies that can bring additional value to your business. We also provide engagement and communication tools to successfully involve internal and external stakeholders to reach your circular goals.  
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Measurement & Metrics

We apply our Circularity Gap method to measure how circular your company or industry is, and to monitor progress towards closing the gap. The method can also be applied at country and global level.
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We provide tailor-made workshops to help you create a circular roadmap for your business and to engage internal and external stakeholders around your vision. From entry-level workshops to expert trainings on business model design, financing, and innovation, our workshops focus on equipping participants with the skills they need to apply circular thinking independently. 
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We lead several coalitions within specific sectors to identify barriers to circularity and develop strategies to overcome them. Together, coalition stakeholders find solutions and common ground on topics such as building the business case for circularity, change management, and circular procurement. Coalitions provide an effective way for professionals to grow their knowledge within an inspirational environment with peers and build solutions for circularity. All learnings developed within a coalition are documented and openly shared.
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Our member community is an active group of businesses and institutions that have a shared ambition to make the circular economy a reality. They are innovators who understand the benefits of a circular economy and aim to develop practical and scalable solutions to bring the concept to life. As a member you will gain access to a powerful global network of change-makers, thought leaders and peers that share this common goal.
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focus areas

We have dedicated programmes and services for cities, finance, textiles, and the built environment. Explore them here.

other innovation projects

Working with our partners, we have built knowledge and expertise outside our focus areas, in fields such as agriculture, automotive, utilities, healthcare, mining, insurance and waste processing. 

Together with our knowledge partners and leading institutions, we also conduct empirical research on topics we believe are fundamental in the systems change needed. Examples include the positive impact of circular economy strategies on climate change mitigation, and the future of employment in a circular economy.

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