With our consulting solutions we help businesses ignite their journey towards circularity and move their ambitions forward. Circle Economy is a unique organisation and, by working with us, you will tap into our knowledge, network and reputation. Our aim is to create value by leveraging circular economy principles.

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Our Approach

Our consulting package is based on our proven project processes, tools and services which, can be implemented in a flexible and modular way. Our robust, proven project processes have developed based on the experience we have accrued with our members and strategic partners. Each consulting project is managed by a dedicated staff that is committed to making a difference and abiding by our principles of trust, co-creation, innovation and impact.


Circle Economy has robust experience working with leaders in the circular economy field. We have dedicated programmes for cities, finance and textiles and have delivered projects in many sectors such as agrifood, mobility, construction, healthcare, insurance and waste. Circle Economy also conducts trail-blazing research on topics such as climate change and job creation.

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