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  • National Postcode Lottery Continues to Support the Transition Towards a Circular Economy

    Circle Economy is grateful and honoured that National Postcode Lottery will continue its support for our mission:

    to accelerate the practical and scalable implementation of the circular economy.

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    We help businesses ignite their journey towards circularity and move their ambitions forward.
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    6 Guidelines to Empower Financial Decision-Making in the Circular Economy

    How can financiers prepare for their new role in the circular economy?
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  • NEWS

    Five Ways the Circular Economy Can Help Mitigate Climate Change

    Current climate solutions can deliver only part of the reductions needed to limit worldwide temperature rises to no more than 1.5C.

    Here are five ways the implementation of the circular economy can help close the gap.

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  • Reports

    Consumers Are Driving the Need for a Closed Loop Supply Chain in the Automotive Industry

    Together with ABN AMRO, Circle Economy has investigated the trends in consumer demands and how car component suppliers can stay ahead of the curve by applying circular strategies to meet them.

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Latest News

  • 58 Circular Opportunities for the Province of North-Holland

    February 15, 2017

    The Dutch province of North-Holland has chosen to strive for a circular economy.By applying smart strategies that help increase the reuse of resources within company conglomerates, the demand for virgin resources will decrease, energy savings will be achieved and jobs will be created. North-Holland wants to transition to a circular economy in order to prepare the province for a sustainable future, while at the same time creating a healthy economic and liveable climate. To make

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  • National Postcode Lottery Continues to Support the Transition Towards a Circular Economy

    February 07, 2017

    During this year’s Goed Geld Gala on 6 February National Postcode Lottery announced its continued support for Circle Economy with a 1 million Euro grant. Thanks to the organisations funding in recent years, Circle Economy has built a solid foundation for a truly impactful organisation and with their continued support we will be able to deliver on our mission to accelerate the practical and scalable implementation of the circular economy. Since the organisation’s founding, Circle Economy

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    February 03, 2017

    The textiles industry has rapidly become one of the most polluting industries in the world “We are using resources and producing waste too fast for the planet to keep up” – Helene Smits, Lead Circle Textiles, Circle Economy Impacts of Fibre Production The production of textile fibres is extremely water, land, energy and chemical intensive and relies heavily on finite resources. To enable our increasing consumption habits, global textile fibre production has risen to ±90

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  • An Exciting Outlook for Circle Economy’s Finance Programme

    January 31, 2017

    We recently had the pleasure to hear about yet another business engaging in the circular economy. This particular story was about the transition from a linear to a circular economy; a manufacturer rethinking its product from design to maintenance; a business driving ‘product-as-a-service’ innovation; the concept of a circular bicycle crystallising; and an entrepreneur demonstrating steadfast commitment to the circular economy. It was inspiring, but also revealed how challenging it can be for businesses to

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