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    The Circular Economy at Work

    Insights into circular job opportunities in the Netherlands

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    Five Ways the Circular Economy Can Help Mitigate Climate Change

    Current climate solutions can deliver only part of the reductions needed to limit worldwide temperature rises to no more than 1.5C.

    Here are five ways the implementation of the circular economy can help close the gap.

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    6 Guidelines to Empower Financial Decision-Making in the Circular Economy

    How can financiers prepare for their new role in the circular economy?
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    National Postcode Lottery Continues to Support the Transition Towards a Circular Economy

    Circle Economy is grateful and honoured that National Postcode Lottery will continue its support for our mission:

    to accelerate the practical and scalable implementation of the circular economy.

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Latest News

  • Springboarding the circular economy, one circular hotspot at a time

    June 20, 2017

    Circular islands in overwhelmingly linear seas are no doubt a great start, but we are eager to see the islands multiply and grow until no linear waters can ever surround them again.

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  • Walking the Walk: How the circular textiles movement can turn intent to action

    June 15, 2017

    The past quarter brought with it many exciting developments in the circular fashion and textiles arena. March saw both the launch of Fashion for Good and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Fibres Initiative; April brought promise in the form of the EU waste policy reform; and May heralded the annual Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Spring has sprung in the circular textiles world, and the seed of change has been firmly planted. So what’s next? The picture

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  • 5 guiding principles for an inclusive circular economy

    June 02, 2017

    Our new CEO, Harald Friedl, and senior lecturer on the circular economy, Alexandre Lemille, joined us on Twitter for our monthly edition of #circlechat last Wednesday to share their vision for an inclusive circular economy and take questions from other participants. We compiled the main insights from our conversation here.   Jump to the full conversation The argument for the circular economy has traditionally been an economic argument first and foremost: resource scarcity threatens a

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  • Designing inclusiveness into the circular economy: #circlechat

    May 12, 2017

    We need a system that is inclusive by design and provides a chance for those who have been left out of the conversation to have a say in our common future.

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