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    The Circular Dairy Economy

    The Dutch dairy sector is well positioned to lead a transition to the circular economy, which can help safeguard its ‘license to operate’.

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    CIRCO Workshop (November 9th)

    CIRCO is a 3 day-long workshop, in which businesses, designers, and students join forces to create a roadmap to develop business through circular design.

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    Master Circular Business with the Value Hill

    Guiding you towards a successful circular business strategy
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    Beyond Green (October 28th)

    What role does technology, business, design and the ever-changing consumer play in achieving a zero-waste fashion industry?

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    Consumers Are Driving the Need for a Closed Loop Supply Chain in the Automotive Industry

    Together with ABN AMRO, Circle Economy has investigated the trends in consumer demands and how car component suppliers can stay ahead of the curve by applying circular strategies to meet them.

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Latest News


    October 25, 2016

    After years of development, testing and tireless innovation, the FIBERSORT consortium has received funding support from the European Commission INTERREG NWE programme to optimise, validate and launch the FIBERSORT technology in the global market. The FIBERSORT technology is the world’s first automated sorting technology that is able to sort large volumes of mixed post-consumer textiles based on fiber composition of fabric. Commercialisation of the new technology will bring us one step closer to the closed-loop textiles industry that we

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  • RePack joins Circle Economy Membership

    October 24, 2016

    Always keeping in mind their motto, “The End of Trash!”, RePack tackles packaging waste associated with e-commerce. It offers returnable and reusable packaging that rewards its users for every order. RePack sleeves are designed to be used for at least 20 times. Comparing one RePack to 20 disposable packages showed that RePack has a 50 % lower carbon footprint then throw away packages. “Circularity and reuse are core values of RePack. We hope that together with Circle Economy we will be able to

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  • Five ways the circular economy can help mitigate climate change

    October 06, 2016

    The 2015 Paris Agreement united 195 countries behind a commitment to limit the rise of the earth’s average temperature to no more than 1.5C. In order to achieve this, global emissions must be cut by 26bn tonnes annually by 2030, according to UNEP. Unfortunately, the climate policy packages proposed thus far can only deliver about half the emission reductions that are needed. However, a recent report published by Circle Economy and Ecofys, illustrates how implementing the

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  • Master Circular Business with the Value Hill

    September 22, 2016

    Although the opportunities for investing in circular business models are widely available, current investment methods do not match the needs of these unique businesses. To finance these business models, companies as well as the financial sector need to adapt. Businesses need to create an attractive business model for financiers, and financiers need to change the way they perceive the risks and opportunities associated with these models. To help businesses position themselves in a circular context

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