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    A Circular Roadmap for Cities: Tangible Ways to Improve Resource Use

    Meet our very own Klaske Kruk at Border Sessions on July 6th, The International Festival on Technology & Society
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    Glasgow Embraces Pioneering Circle City Scan Approach

    Circle Economy’s Circle City Scan shows that adopting circularity
    can spike job creation, increase resource efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions throughout the City of Glasgow
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    Circle Textiles

    Our mission is to ‘close the loop’ for textiles, and create a zero waste industry
    whereby products, fabrics, and fibres are infinitely cycled through connected loops, across industries,
    in a transparent and economical way.
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  • NEWS

    Developing a Roadmap for the First Circular City

    Commissioned by the city of Amsterdam,
    Circle Economy implemented its newly developed City Circle Scan to identify areas in which the city
    can make the most significant, tangible progress in realising a circular economy.
    Read the Full Report Here!

Latest News

  • Glasgow Embraces Pioneering Circle City Scan Approach

    June 20, 2016

    The City of Glasgow is on the road to becoming one of the world’s first circular cities. The city has taken its first steps in creating a stronger more sustainable economy by completing the Circle City Scan. Commissioned through a partnership between Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Zero Waste Scotland and Glasgow City Council, an analysis of the city’s material flows was executed by Circle Economy.

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  • Circle Economy is proud to welcome SkyNRG, world market leader in sustainable jet fuel, as a member

    June 07, 2016

    A great synergy exists between SkyNRG and Circle Economy since both organisations are dedicated to build and encourage the development of sustainable business models. Together SkyNRG and Circle Economy will explore opportunities to make the aviation sector more circular. SkyNRG takes up a pioneering position in realising a long-term sustainable future for the aviation industry. They are specialised in supplying sustainable jet fuel from waste streams like used cooking oil. This alternative source for conventional

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  • How Can Companies Benefit from High Value Material Reuse?

    May 25, 2016

    The creation of products and services requires the use of resources in the form of materials, energy, and labour. As a product is produced value is added as more materials, energy, and labour are utilised in the production process. Once the product reaches its end-of-use however, the value created during the production process is almost completely lost due to current waste management practices. Resources that could otherwise be recycled and reused are simply disposed of

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  • Insights from Copenhagen: Responsible Innovation in the Fashion Industry

    May 24, 2016

    For the three days, over 100 students, from 40 nations, gathered together in the dappled courtyards and halls of the The Royal Danish Academy to unpack and reinterpret the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Their mission was to devise seven demands on the fashion industry, which would be presented at the Concert Hall, only two days later.

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