Developing a Roadmap for the First Circular City

    Commissioned by the city of Amsterdam,
    Circle Economy implemented its newly developed City Circle Scan to identify areas in which the city
    can make the most significant, tangible progress in realising a circular economy.
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    Circle Textiles

    Our mission is to ‘close the loop’ for textiles, and create a zero waste industry
    whereby products, fabrics, and fibres are infinitely cycled through connected loops, across industries,
    in a transparent and economical way.
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    Second Time Around, Better Than the First (Members Only)

    Join us at our next Member Deep Dive on the possibilities of high value reuse across different sectors
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    How Can Companies Benefit from High Value Material Reuse?

    May 25, 2016

    The creation of products and services requires the use of resources in the form of materials, energy, and labour. As a product is produced value is added as more materials, energy, and labour are utilised in the production process. Once the product reaches its end-of-use however, the value created during the production process is almost completely lost due to current waste management practices. Resources that could otherwise be recycled and reused are simply disposed of

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    Insights from Copenhagen: Responsible Innovation in the Fashion Industry

    May 24, 2016

    The Youth Fashion Summit “This is the first generation of people who really understand climate change, and the last ones who can really do anything about it.”  – Former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, quoted by Dilys Williams, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion For the three days, over 100 students, from 40 nations, gathered together in the dappled courtyards and halls of the The Royal Danish Academy to unpack and reinterpret the 17 UN Sustainable

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    Beyond Green Symposium: Spring 2016

    May 03, 2016

    Beyond Green is an annual symposium on the future of fashion, organised by Circle Economy and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. It uses the collective power of students and industry players to tackle critical issues throughout the fashion system; allowing for new and established minds to come together and push the boundaries of what we know, and realize what we dare to imagine. ‘Many companies want to take the next step in sustainability, but are not

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    Overcoming financial barriers with circular business

    April 13, 2016

    ‘Money makes the world go round’, the new report on financing the circular economy, provides directions for overcoming financial barriers that circular businesses encounter. Answers lie in collaboration throughout the value chain and creating financial instruments to invest in a chain or network of businesses rather than in a single business. This way, risks and rewards can be shared and incentives to collaborate arise with the aim of creating a circular chain in which all participants earn

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