Tools & services

Whether you are just starting your journey to circularity or you already have circular processes in place our tools and services are designed to facilitate decision making and implement action plans. They can be applied to a wide range of sectors and can be utilised by everyone from investment portfolio managers to textile manufacturers.

With the ability to focus on organisations, specific products, supply chains or sectors, our tools and services allow you to establish a tangible direction for setting up circular projects and provide you with endless possibilities to integrate circularity into your current business strategies.


  • Circle Portfolio

    Enabling investors to evaluate the circularity of their portfolios

  • Circle Assessment

    Measuring circularity and identifying opportunities to adapt circular strategies

  • Circle Market

    A global, online marketplace for the recovery, reuse and resale of textile materials

  • Circle Fashion Tool

    A decision-making tool for brands and manufacturers to evaluate the closed loop options for textile waste

  • Circle Lab

    An online platform for cities, businesses, and citizens to explore, brainstorm, and implement circular business models and strategies to tackle universal and local challenges.

  • Circle Business Case

    Assessing circular opportunities throughout the value chain

  • Circle Scan

    Enabling organisations to identify, evaluate and implement circular projects

  • Circle Workshops

    Creating forward thinking solutions through interactive and engaging collaboration

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