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Over time, Gwen became very aware of, and increasingly uncomfortable with the linear nature of the textiles industry. Her work as a designer questioned the take-make-dispose fast fashion culture and visually documented the lifecycle of a garment, from its inception at the hands of the designer to its demise at those of the wearer. Her academic research led her to explore how alternative economic models could be applied to the fashion industry, most specifically gift and sharing economy. A drive to inspire industry change finally led her to Circle Economy, where her role as the Circle Textiles Programme Lead focuses on the active development of the market through close collaboration with key stakeholders within the fashion and textile supply chain. She believes that while new methods of design for cyclability, finishing/production technologies and material innovation are key to accelerating the transition toward a Circular Textiles Industry, a collaborative cross-supply chain approach is needed to fully realise this change- creating and nurturing these synergies is a cornerstone goal of hers, and of the Circle Textiles Programme in general.

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