Innovation through circular design thinking

Powering circular culture, consumption & behaviour

About the programme

We apply circular design thinking as a tool to transform industries and rethink our current systems of production, distribution, and consumption. 
Through our on-the-ground work, we provide industry professionals, brands, businesses, and cities with the practical knowledge they need to shift to circularity. We support them in developing circular value propositions fit for the future, building circular capacity within their organisations, and applying circular design thinking to specific products, services or business models. 

Circular Design as a Strategic tool

We apply circular design thinking to generate new, practical insights into the way different industries can work.  An example of applied design thinking is our work on design for disassembly, where we established five design principles for ease of repair, upgradability, optimal reuse and high value recycling for climate installations. 


We aim to effectively bring together the world of strategic innovation and creative brand building by using marketing, branding, and culture as a unique starting point to explore circular opportunities. Learn more here.

Business Innovation

We help organisations move towards new circular business models and strategies through our industry-tested methodology. We examine the value proposition, business scope, collaborations, consequences and benefits for businesses to innovate for circularity, and, with our partner ABN AMRO Bank, have already supported over 100 organisations across multiple sectors . 

Learning & Professional Development

In order to create a common understanding of new principles, learnings and methodologies, we also organise train-the-trainer workshops. In a recent project with the Municipality of Amsterdam, 25 professionals have been trained to host citizen participation workshops, aimed at inspiring and including local citizens in the circular economy transition. 
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Programme & Business Development, Circular Design & Brands Programme
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