November 5, 2013

Green Deal: Circular Procurement

The opportunities that a circular economy can provide for Netherlands are becoming increasingly apparent. Recent research by TNO shows that every year at least € 7 billion can be earned and over 50,000 jobs can be created due to a transition to a regenerative system, while considerably reducing environmental impact. Leaders in business and government show that circular business models lead to better performance.

The key to boosting the circular economy lies with buyers. They stimulate and create demand for producing goods which fit in and contribute to the circular economy. The Green Deal Circular Procurement is an agreement between organizations which will give an additional boost and will catalyse the transition towards a circular economy.

Background: Green Deals

Green Deals help businesses, civil society organizations and governments to implement sustainability plans in the field of energy, climate, water, raw materials, mobility, construction and food. Many sustainability projects which are generally are profitable, are not being carried out. With these Green Deals, the central government invites enterprises, social organizations and other governments to indicate where things go wrong and to achieve concrete improvement steps by collaboration with others.

The Green Deal Circular Procurement is an initiative of Kirkman Company, MVO Nederland, Nevi, PIANOo and Circle Economy. The goal is to encourage purchasing goods which are produced more circular. The Green Deal requires organizations to report actively on how they engage in more sustainable procurement and demonstrates serious ambitions to circularity.

Organizations that commit to the Green Deal Circular Procurement endorse the following agreements:

-In 2014, participating organization start at least two circular procurement projects;

-Promotes knowledge and experience via initiators of the Green Deal, in order to promote circular procurement

-By 2016, integration of circular procurement is demonstrated (in procurement processes, policy and strategy)

The following allready joined the Green Deal: Alliander , ABN Amro , Dura Vermeer , ING , KPN , Royal Haskoning / DHV , Interface , TBI Holdings, UMC Utrecht , Waternet , the municipalities of Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Rotterdam and Utrecht, the Utrecht province, the Ministry of domestic affairs and the Central Government. More organizations will likely follow in upcoming weeks.In 2014 and 2015 these leaders start two circular procurement projects and learn from each other's experiences. By 2016, circular purchases have demonstrably been integrated into their procurement processes , policies and strategy. De Wegwijzer Circulair Inkopen (Signpost Circular procurement) and this link provide additional information in Dutch on this Green Deal.

Circle Challenge update

Circle Economy is also contributing to circular procurement through piloting the installation of a complete ‘pay per performance’ office interior with the Circle Challenge together with partners Philips, Desso, Interwand, Akzo Nobel, BAM/Mostert de Winter and Haworth. On 10-10 (October) 2012 - National Sustainability Day in the Netherlands, Circle Economy launched the Circle Challenge '12-'13. In this competition, participants had the chance to win 10x10 (100) square meters to win to most circular office interior ever by answering just one simple question: 'Why should YOU win?'. The winner of the Circle Challenge was announced in January 2013 during Circle Economy's annual kick-off party.

MUD Jeans won with its pioneering concept: Lease a Jeans and wins a stylish office interior provided by Haworth (office furniture), Philips (lighting), Mostert de Winter (living plant wall), Sikkens (paint), Desso (carpet), and Interwand (mobile wall).

Status update: currently we are needing all the partners to design the new office and planning to have the final result ready the end of the year.

Check out this video to learn more about the project and we will keep you keep you updated on progress.[av_video src='' format='16-9' width='16' height='9']

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