January 23, 2015

Circle Scan - mapping circular opportunities

Together with our members we are exploring circular opportunities with our circle scan method

Circle Scan - mapping circular opportunities

The aim of the Circle Scan is to identify opportunities for companies, financial institutions, governments or other organisations, to become more 'circular'. It is the first step in a journey towards circularity.With the Circle Scan, we take a system's perspective to identify the current impacts of a product, organisation, sector or region. Building on the six principles for a circular economy, we identify the leverage points for a real system change and create a future vision. This future vision allows business leaders to imagine their niche in a circular economy and develop a long-term, future proof business plan.

Description of the project

The Circle Scan process can be divided into four steps.

  1. Scoping: Meet with the member and discuss the scope of the scan. Identify the Circle Scan’s focus - this could be from a product, sector, or organization supply chain perspective.
  2. Current State Mapping: From a systems thinking perspective, analyze and research the focus through a variety of methods including publically available data, Circle Economy databases, and interviews with the member. Visualize the findings in a resulting systems map.
  3. Verification and Leverage Points Identification: Present the map and verify it with the member. Identify main opportunities for member to take steps towards a circular future and facilitate a discussion around these identified areas with the member.
  4. Create an Action Plan: Collaborate with member to create a plan for next steps in implementing circular innovation and change. Especially consider the key stakeholders, technologies, and tools needed to successfully undertake action.

The Circle Scan is the first step in the ‘Full Circle’ Trajectory, Circle Economy’s methodology for work with members over a multi-year trajectory to enable them to realize, initiate, and implement circular opportunities.

Impact of the project

The Circle Scan’s impact lies in identifying circular opportunities. We are currently setting up multiple pilot projects with our members based on new business models, new forms of cooperation, and new technologies that were first identified in Circle Scans. The Circle Scan is also a valuable communication tool for within organizations. Using Circle Scans, we have helped members such as governmental organisations [link] realise the power of systems thinking in formulating their regional or country level [cta link="mailto:jacco@circle-economy.com"]Enquire about Circle Scan[/cta]

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