New Built Environment Members Join Circle Economy

March 6, 2018

Aronsohn, Deerns, Utrecht University, Verwol, Kuijpers, Dura Vermeer and OVG Real Estate join the Circle Economy Built Environment Programme

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Circle Economy is very proud to announce that our community keeps on growing

After launching the Built Environment Programme in September 2017, the member community of the Built Environment Programme has quickly grown. We are proud to announce that several frontrunners within the built environment sector have recently joined us. We welcome Aronsohn, Deerns, Utrecht University, Verwol, Kuijpers, Dura Vermeer and OVG Real Estate to our membership community.

As an impact organisation and ecosystem builder, it is our aim to keep expanding the circle! 

What our new members have to say:

“At Utrecht University we stand for bright minds, a circular campus and a better future. Our participation in the Built Environment programme will be the right catalyst to help achieve these goals.” – Utrecht University


“Even the smallest changes can have a positive impact on the built environment. As a frontrunner in innovative, energy efficient engineering and building physics we are excited to work together on practical and scalable circular solutions with partners in the construction chain.” – Deerns


At Kuijpers we aim for healthy environments in which to work, learn, live and experience. We focus on environments where complex techniques greatly affect end-user performance. Our renewable & future-proof installation solutions take into account the scarcity of earth’s natural resources. These solutions work best if they are implemented in an early phase of the construction cycle. The Construction Circle can become a great example of how future-proof solutions should be carried out.” – Kuijpers


As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of architectural wall systems and high-end acoustical products we do not only aim to apply circularity to our own products but also want to contribute to circularity initiatives throughout the construction chain.” – Verwol


“We see a perfect match with Circle Economy and more specifically the Construction Circle. In both our business conduct and our advices we consider the circular economy as a major guiding principle that helps us to reduce our environmental footprint, as well as to preserve and strengthen our relation with our stakeholders.” – Aronsohn


“Sustainability is one of the three pillars, which form the basis of everything OVG Real Estate strives to achieve and circularity plays a vital role in this. We believe in early adaptation, sharing experiences and learning as we go. With our membership and participation in Circle Economy’s Built Environment program we aim to contribute to circularity in the construction sector and the knowledge exchange.” – OVG Real Estate


“Dura Vermeer has the ambition to minimise its burden on the environment. In our projects we are taking into account the current legislation in this regard. At the same time we also aim to look beyond this and see what more can be achieved by working together with partners in the chain. By forming our own organisation on behalf of circularity and setting our goals in line with the guidelines of our world we want to be an example for the builders of the Netherlands.” – Dura Vermeer


Are you already a Circle Community member and want to be involved in the Built Environment programme, do you know other organisations that would be interested to participate, or do you have an interesting (pilot) project for the programme? Get in touch with Ben Kubbinga (



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