A community of circular frontrunners

Our member community is an active group of businesses and institutions that have a shared ambition to make the circular economy a reality. 

They are innovators who understand the benefits of a circular economy and aim to develop practical and scalable solutions to bring the concept to fruition. As a member you will gain access to a powerful global network of change-makers, thought leaders and peers that share this common goal.

Meet the right people
Join an inclusive network of industry partners and unlikely allies, and connect during our events or through our dedicated online platform.
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Stay ahead of the curve
Collaborate on co-creating new knowledge, stay in the loop on all relevant circular economy developments, and exchange learnings of your own circular journey with your peers.
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Be visible and heard
We echo your circular message through all our channels. We can also share relevant speaking opportunities for you, or host events at your location.
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Our membership with Circle Economy has helped us better understand the opportunities we have in our value chain and connect with other stakeholders so the impact can be wider.
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By becoming a member, you are also joining the countless innovators and experts we work with on ground-breaking programmes, coalitions, and alliances in a few different areas, including textiles, finance, and the built environment. Explore our work here.


Engagement is a two-way street, and a membership will only deliver real value to your organisation if you are also actively engaging with us and with our community.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we also ask for an annual financial contribution of 2.500€/year from our members and 900€/year for startups.


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