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Webinar centres around urgency for businesses and investors to take ‘Linear Risks’ serious

Welcoming an international audience Circle Economy was happy to co-host the ‘Linear Risks’ webinar together with PGGM, KPMG, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development after launching the ‘Linear Risks’ Essay in June 2018.

Over 120 participants from various corporations, SMEs, governmental organisations, NGOs, and advisory firms attended the webinar to learn more about ‘Linear Risks’ from the perspectives of Circle Economy as a circular economy expert, WBCSD as a global business network, PGGM and EBRD as financial institutions, and KPMG as an advisory firm.

Key discussions from the webinar centered around the urgency for businesses and investors to take ‘Linear Risks’ into account in their decision making, particularly as companies and government agencies are increasingly coming to realise the impacts of ‘Linear Risks’. Questions from the audience highlighted the need to start developing more concrete metrics, models, and disclosure guidelines for ‘Linear Risks’, as well as start to adapt and improve existing risk management models and ESG frameworks to incorporate ‘Linear Risks’.

As the ‘Linear Risks’ essay demonstrates, linear economic business practices are creating real business threats, including risks associated with the use of scarce and non-renewable resources; prioritisation and sales of products produced with virgin resources; the failure to collaborate; and failing to innovate or adapt. These are all factors that will negatively impact the ability of organisations to continue business as usual and prevent us from closing the circularity gap.

With the ‘Linear Risks’ webinar, we started taking the first steps to raise awareness and engage in a constructive dialogue with the financial and business community to better understand and model ‘Linear Risks’. We were very happy to see so much interest, engagement, and feedback from the community, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to ensure that ‘Linear Risks’ become an integral part of financial and business decision-making.

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