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In November of 2014 the City of Amsterdam published its ambitious sustainability agenda outlining an action plan of which a significant part was focused on creating a circular city.“In a circular city everything that we want to achieve will come together: less pollution, less waste and buildings that produce their own energy”, according to Alderperson for Sustainability Abdeluheb Choho. Together with TNO and Fabric, Circle Economy has taken up the challenge to turn Choho’s ambition into reality in collaboration with the Municipality and Rabobank.

The ‘Circular Amsterdam’ project will provide the next steps for the city of Amsterdam to progress its circular economy ambitions and the need to stimulate innovation, business opportunities, job creation in multiple established and new sectors. The overarching goal is to deliver a practical vision and roadmap to establish Amsterdam as leading circular city both for its citizens and as an example for cities around the world.

Managing Director of Circle Economy Andy Ridley: “Three years ago we established Circle Economy in Amsterdam to pragmatically move from theory to practical implementation. Our strategy has been to utilise a cooperative model that engages cross sector organisations, companies, city governments, and NGOs to create and deliver pilot projects and proven circular concepts in the real world. The ‘Circular Amsterdam’ project will not only have a great impact on its citizens but also an even greater impact with other cities across the planet.”

Our work will build on existing projects from different organisations in the region by providing a more comprehensive insight on a high level of flows that move through the city, developing a circular decision framework and apply this framework to these flows to prioritize and give a clear direction of areas of importance,  and developing a concrete action agenda for the city that specifies clusters of activity where next steps can be taken on the short term and where foundations can be prepared for longer term transition.

We expect to be able to share the first results end of September.


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