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In 2013 MUD Jeans won the Circle Challenge 10×10 by Circle Economy thanks to their innovative fashion concept of Lease a Jeans. The price: 100 square meters of smart office solutions according to the principles of the circular economy, which will be officially unveiled to the press and public on April 15, 2014.


With the Circle Challenge 10×10 the Circle Economy and companies Akzo Nobel, BAM, Desso, Haworth, Interwand, Mostert de Winter, Philips, and Sikkens make a concrete step in the transition from the traditional linear system – characterized by pollution and waste – to a sustainable circular economy. They recognize the important role of business in promoting the switch to a healthy environment and a vibrant society. Beginning at the workplace.

An office environment in optima forma: fully adapted to the needs of the employees, with carpet that cleans the air, optimal lighting, durable paint on the walls and a “living wall” full of plants . All of this offered by the companies that know what they are doing , as a call to think about the application of circular thinking within the company . Sustainable change can be put in motion by starting small, like this example with an area of ​​10×10 square meters.

In the past year, our suppliers engaged in setting up the office of MUD Jeans. Desso placed carpet that cleans the air, Akzo Nobel and Sikkens painted the walls with durable paint, BAM and Mostert de Winter yielded a living wall of plants, Hayworth provided quality furniture, Interwand installed a whiteboard with jeans and Philips brought innovative LED lighting to the table. The result is inspiring in itself , but the journeyof achieving it provided valuable insights about the (im) possibilities of circular office solutions, that will be shared during the grand opening.

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Want this sustainable office with their own eyes? Come to the grand opening on April 15, from 15:00 to 17:00 at MUD Jeans, Remmerden 5 in Rhenen. Please RSVP.

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