Research and Data for businesses, cities and nations to action the circular economy

At Circle Economy Foundation, we aim to make the latest relevant research and data accessible to businesses, cities, and nations, empowering them to put the circular economy into action.

In our digital world, data is everywhere. By organising it properly, we can use it to answer questions about the transition to a circular economy. Data is often unstructured and spread across various organisations in the value chain. At the same time, businesses, cities, and nations have limited resources to understand and apply the latest scientific research developments in their context. To address these challenges, we create data alliances.

Data Alliances

Data Alliances are coalitions of organisations that contribute research, data and expertise to uncover how circular economy can be implemented and make an impact. Thanks to their collective action, all members benefit from shared insights and new connections.
Data Alliances help to:

Accelerate access to scientific research

Break down information silos

Encourage cross-sectoral collaboration

Enable data driven decision making in our digital products

Global Data Alliance 2020

At Circle Economy Foundation, we facilitate Data Alliances for businesses, cities and nations.

Here are examples from our work with cities:

Urban Dataset for Circular Economy Action

The first urban information architecture to enable modelling circular economy strategies and their impacts in 100+ cities.
Jobs Monitor

Community Collection of Cases

More than 450 examples of circular economy policy in action serve as key inspiration and evidence for a circular economy in cities.
Cities Collection

Common Framework for Action

A common language, process and decision making framework for understanding circular economy, applying it and measuring impact.
Circular City Actions Framework

in collaboration with

in collaboration with

and 50+ statistical data offices

in collaboration with

in collaboration with

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Data-driven scans

We use research and data to help businesses, cities and nations structure and analyse circular opportunities.


  • Cities are data rich and ripe to be harvested for insights about how to build regenerative and inclusive cities for all citizens.
  • Researchers are modelling material stocks and flows in urban environments in innovative ways for policymakers.
  • We leverage our common evidence base to unite local communities towards circular action.
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  • Businesses must respond to regulatory pressure to reduce environmental impact and create positive economic and social returns.
  • Coalitions are forming to define and standardise circular economy metrics in different contexts.
  • We use data and metrics to complement existing performance indicators.
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  • Nations are tasked to balance international trade relations with the livelihoods and material consumption of their own citizens.
  • Researchers are analysing policy gaps, and modelling the multidimensional effects of circular policies on key sectors.
  • We use data driven methodologies to analyse and model these interdependencies.
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