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Before policymakers can tap into the potential of the circular economy for the labour market, they first need evidence as to what these jobs will look like, as well as the magnitude of this potential: which jobs will the circular economy bring? which will disappear? who will be affected? will these be good jobs? how many jobs will be affected?

The circular jobs monitor is an online tool that gathers, displays, and keeps track of changes to exactly this evidence over time.

The monitor currently includes a framework to understand employment in the circular economy, as well as data on the scale and nature of the circular jobs that already exist per territory.

How to interpret the data

The monitor is the first iteration of its kind and a work in progress.

Our goal here is to provide a baseline analysis of employment in the circular economy and improve our understanding of the labour market as it relates to circularity. For example, in Belgium, circular activities create 150.000 jobs and indirectly generate another 110.000 jobs in supporting industries.

These insights will support policy makers, civil society, and employment organisations in designing evidence-based policy and ensuring an inclusive transition to the circular economy.


The monitor currently provides data for Belgium, and we are looking to expand it to other territories, first in Europe, then across the globe, with the goal to achieve complete coverage. In the future, we will also keep track of time series so as to understand evolutions over time.

We are always looking for more supporters and partners to collaborate with on achieving these goals, and are currently looking for financial support as well as partners to share employment data with us so as to expand the monitor to other countries and regions.

There are also many other ways to support us and we value all contributions. Get in touch today to explore opportunities to collaborate.

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