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The circular economy presents labour markets with varying opportunities, including generating jobs in service and labour intensive industries and redistributing jobs across geographies. But to tap into this potential, we need to gather evidence on which circular jobs and skills currently exist in specific sectors and territories. Which jobs are already part of the circular economy? Where are these jobs located? How are these jobs distributed across sectors and how are they related to circular strategies? 

The Circular Jobs Monitor is an online tool that gathers, displays, and keeps track of the number and range of jobs that are part of the circular economy. It provides policymakers, economists, and labour organisations with insights into the relationship between the circular economy and the labour market. These insights facilitate the design of evidence-based strategies for promoting the circular economy, required education pathways, and a benchmark of current circular activity against which to monitor future progress. Quantifying the circular economy in terms of its impact on jobs can strengthen the argument for businesses and governments to focus on circular economy activities.

Users of the Circular Jobs Monitor

Policymakers use the monitor to:

  • Provide a starting point to define which sectors should be included in circular strategy development
  • Monitor the progress of circular economy policies and impact on the labour market, when data is reviewed regularly 

Economists and labour organisations use the monitor to:

  • Access data
  • Understand the geographic distribution of circular jobs
  • Align their efforts with the skills needs of different regions, industries and sectors
  • Attain a baseline for defining sectors for scenario modelling 

How to interpret data on the Circular Jobs Monitor

The Circular Jobs Monitor uses Circle Economy's definition of circular jobs: a circular job is any occupation that is directly involved in or indirectly supports a circular economy strategy, such as renewable energy, repair or recycling. We distinguish between three types of circular jobs: core, enabling and indirectly circular jobs.

The Circular Jobs Monitor classifies over 2000 sectors using industry standard classification systems, such as The Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (NACE). It can be used to map the amount and distribution of circular jobs in any territory, whether it be a city, region or nation.  

For each territory that is entered on the monitor, an overall number and percentage of circular jobs are generated. This total is also broken down by sector, circular economy strategies and across core, enabling and indirectly circular jobs. The monitor also allows you to explore how circular jobs are distributed across regions, provinces and down to the municipal level.

What users say about the Circular Jobs Monitor

’Measuring the state of the circular economy is difficult, but has been crucial for understanding the progress Scotland is making in realising the circular economy. The methodology has helped us get a sense of where Scotland’s labour market is now and how we can measure progress in the future. The Circular Jobs Monitor makes our results accessible to an international audience and enables us to see regional variations that can support policy development.’  - Leonore te Bokkel, Assistant Economist, Zero Waste Scotland

’The Circular Jobs Monitor provides Cornwall Council with the opportunity to make decisions that will further enhance our development of a sustainable and circular economy for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.’ - Peter Lefort, Cornwall Council's Carbon Neutral Cornwall Sector and Partnerships Lead


The monitor currently provides data for several territories in Northern Europe and North America. We are now looking to expand to territories across the globe and to allow for deeper analyses, including for observing trends and evolutions in the labour market over time. To do so, we require both local collaborations and access to employment data.

Would you like to help us grow the Circular Jobs Monitor? There are various ways to collaborate with us and we value all contributions. Get in touch today to explore adding a new region or country to the monitor, or other opportunities for collaboration.

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