A Circle Scan develops an understanding of the main components and impact areas within an organization’s broader system and quickly assesses and identifies opportunities to implement high-impact circular projects.

Companies that understand the benefits of a circular economy and seek to identify the major ‘circular’ impact areas and opportunities in their value chain will be the driving force in the evolution towards a circular economy.

With the ability to focus on organisations, specific products, supply chains or sectors, Circle Scan enables companies to establish a tangible direction for setting up circular projects by mapping the various value flows amongst stakeholders such as money, materials, energy, products, and brand value.


Phase 1: System Mapping

An overview of your organisation’s metabolism and systems processes will be illustrated through a visual map, by conducting market research to analyse your current systems, to identify circular hotspots and leverage points.


Phase 2: Visioning

A future vision will be developed and pilot projects identified to aid in the realisation of the vision by consulting key individuals and organisations within the system.


Phase 3: Pilot Analysis

The transition readiness, feasibility, and impact of selected circular pilots will be analysed using the Circle Scorecard. The Circle Scorecard provides a measure of the direct and systems impact of a project based on energy use, value generation and the influence on ecosystems, culture and society.

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Circle Economy is currently helping to set up multiple pilot projects based on new business models, forms of cooperation, and technologies that were developed as a result of over 20 Circle Scans. These scans were completed in a wide range of sectors including construction, agriculture, and healthcare for companies such as Philips, ABN AMRO, and Friesland Campina.


Knowledge into Action

Outcomes of the Circle Scan are translated into action in the Circle Deepdive, a workshop geared towards launching promising circular pilots by building coalitions that commit to a tangible implementation plan. The Circle Deepdive is set-up to engage key stakeholders who contribute their own understanding of the challenge to enrich and help implement the circular projects.

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