With scalability in mind, our programmes cover a wide range of sectors and provide businesses and governments a network to accelerate their transition to circularity. From cities to regions we seek to inspire municipalities, corporations, entrepreneurs and innovators to adopt circular initiatives and develop sustainable partnerships through the many collaborative programmes we offer. Spearheading the movement towards circularity we are proud to be a part of Dutch based networks that are frontrunners for circular economy initiatives and innovation. From the textile, to finance, to remanufacturing sectors we foster a circular economy across industries through research, collaboration, and shared knowledge.  


  • Circle Design Program

    Transforming industries through circular design thinking

  • Circle Cities Program

    Creating value from the start by designing cities of the future

  • Circle Textiles Program

    Closing the loop for textiles and creating a zero waste industry

  • Circle Finance Program

    Realigning the current financial system with the real economy

  • Netherlands Circular Hotspot

    Spearheading a movement towards circularity

  • Nederland Circulair!

    Transitioning the Netherlands towards circularity

  • European Remanufacturing Network

    Encouraging remanufacturing throughout Europe

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