Our member community is an active group of businesses and institutions that have a shared ambition to make the circular economy a reality. They are innovators who seek to not only understand the benefits of a circular economy but also aim to develop practical and scalable solutions to bring the concept to fruition. As a member you will gain access to a powerful global network of change makers, thought leaders, peers, and stakeholders that share this common goal.

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One annual Circle Assessment to measure circularity in your company/department

Opportunities to tap into Circle Programs for business development, e.g. Circle Cities Program

30% discount on Circle Consultancy, and additional products and services

Opportunities to participate in designated (tool) development projects

2 free tickets to our annual signature event (Q3)

Your logo, company description and case study featured on Circle Economy’s website* and use of Circle Economy’’s logo

Referrals for/invitations to Circle and third party speaking opportunities*

Possibility to share your circular activities and results via Circle Economy’s media channels (12K social following) and external media (newspapers, magazines etc.)

Learn from and share your best practices with other members during quarterly, issue- or industry-based events

Periodical check-ins with Circle Account manager

Share your experiences and connect online via the Circle Membership app (under construction)

Access to online member community with contact details, company description, updates and reports

Membership fees range from €900 – for start-ups to €15,000- for multinational corporations.

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Strategic partners

Some organisations work alongside us to overcome the challenges of implementing the circular economy by delivering new insights, tools and frameworks to create practical, scalable solutions. These projects are strategic to both the member as well as Circle Economy and are aimed at jointly taking concrete steps towards circularity.

These strategic partnerships:

  • Run parallel to or are in the same strategic direction as Circle Economy’s
  • Are tailor made, either one on one, or in a consortium
  • Deliver results that can be used by both parties and others outside of the strategic partnership
  • Produce a product or knowledge that we can build upon in the future

To learn more about the opportunities as a strategic partner please contact us below!

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