H&M, Kering and Worn Again join forces to make the continual recycling of textiles a sustainable reality

April 8, 2015
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Member of the Circular Textiles Program and partner to the Textile Sorting ProjectWorn Again, have announced their partnership with fashion retailer H&M and luxury lifestyle Group, Kering. This joint venture aims to make the infinite, circular recycling of textiles a sustainable reality through Worn Again’s unique textile-to-textile chemical recycling technology. The technology is able to separate and extract polyester and cotton from old or end-of-use clothing and textiles and ‘recapture’ these fibres for future use. This exciting collaboration will launch Worn Again into the next phase of development, the results of which H&M and Kering, via its brand PUMA, will be monitoring and testing.

Cyndi Rhoades, CEO of Worn Again, said, “Our technology is at the heart of a global vision which will engage all brands, textile recyclers, suppliers and consumers, in a unified ambition to keep clothing already in circulation out of landfill, and as part of a global pool of resources to be used time and time again.”

In order to mainstream the circular use of textile resources we must not only activate technologies, but also the system at large. Toward this end, Worn Again are also key partners of our Textile Sorting Project. This project is focussed on the technical optimization and commercial (system) validation of an NIR Spectroscopy based sorting technology (FIBERSORT) that accurately detects the fibre composition of post consumer, non-rewearable textiles to enable high value recycling, such as the recycling process Worn Again is currently developing. The Textile Sorting Project is the joint effort of Wieland Textiles, Circle Economy, Valvan Baling Systems, Metrohm, Worn Again, Faritex and Reshare (leger des heils).

Achieving a Circular Textiles Industry requires a significant industry shift, in both mindset (looking at post-consumer textiles as a valuable resource, instead of as waste) and work processes (adopting new technologies and forging new partnerships between stakeholders in the value chain). News of the collaboration between Worn Again, H&M and Kering marks an exciting leap toward this future reality.


Read the full press release here

Find out more about the Textile Sorting Project here


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